Welcome to the team! Both of you!

Here I am, at Sky Harbor airport last Sunday, traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio to start in a new role back with the GE Additive team! Oh yeah, as some of you, well, likely most of you didn’t know, I've started a new role, and I’m now just shy of 34 weeks pregnant.

I've learned a lot about myself throughout this journey. I learned how to manage through a situation in which I had no control. I learned the feeling of fear and uncertainty of having an opportunity rescinded over a disclosed pregnancy. I also learned what it feels like to stand in front of a mirror before an interview, look at myself in this new form, and remind myself of the resilient and confident woman that I am.

But the biggest takeaway from all of this is not found in my personal growth. It is found in the profound respect and loyalty I have for the GE Additive and GE Aviation organizations. Their willingness to extend an offer to a woman in late stage pregnancy illustrates immensely their value for women, for parents, and for families, and is an incredible showcase of GE's culture and values. I beam with pride as I share this with you all today.

I am so excited and so grateful to start again on this new journey with my new team. Now, it's time to prioritize where I'll focus before I take some time off to welcome Baby Mendoza into the world. I'm ready to dive right in and pursue it all! No third trimester fatigue here!

Welcome gift for Additive Alison 2.0, from my team

I hope that sharing my story inspires other companies both in and out of our industry to do the same.

I also hope it inspires companies and recruiters to not assume that pregnancy equals a career pause button.

And last, to the other women who may be silently facing the same challenges, I hope this inspires you to continue to both actively, confidently, and optimistically pursue professional growth - even while pregnant --- for your new dream team awaits you.

As always, I welcome any comments or questions at additivealison@gmail.com or alison.wyrick@ge.com.

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