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September 8, 2018

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Influencer Marketing is not a new term or a new practice, it's been around for a while. It is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. Influencer Marketing identifies key individuals that have influence over others - potential customers, and positions marketing activities around these individuals.


And although it's not a new practice, we can thank social media for the reason we're talking about it more and more. It's also the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, surpassing organic search and email marketing. Output from influencers has become a large part of our daily consumption of online content. According to an early 2017 study from ANA and PQ Media, total brand spending on Influencer Marketing was $81 billion in 2016 and is projected to pass $100 billion by 2020. 


It can be challenging for big brands to sidestep or defy ad blockers, or retain consumers who have moved away from traditional television for digital streaming services. Because of this, some are choosing to reallocate budgets from celebrities and television to focus more on influencers. And while the simplest way to utilize this method is in fact to pay an influencer (like an endorsement), effectiveness can be limited, as more and more consumers do not like to be advertised to, therefore weakening these endorsed messages every day.


I would like to specifically focus on what I call the 'everyday influencers', the non-sponsored, and how they should or could be looked to as powerful bridges between brands and consumers. When used correctly, 'Everyday' Influencer Marketing is a force multiplier. It leverages the influencer reach and influencer credibility to promote your product to others, resulting improved brand perception, increased brand awareness, and potentially even action from customers or potential customers.


How or why does it work?


Trust. Because an everyday influencer is not sponsored and because they are not faceless, they are easier to trust. I saw a staggering statistic recently: In today’s world, the average consumer is exposed to more than 4,000 brand messages every single day*. The same article states, "the faceless nature of businesses and brands leads them to be perceived as part of a section of the small elite," leading to reduced trust from consumers. "The faceless brand has carved a valley between themselves and consumers that will be difficult to cross."


Personal Touch. There is no big creative agency behind the words. Most are written by the influencer themselves, using their own words to share their own thoughts.


No hidden agenda. There is no red-tape, no incentives and (for the most part) no censoring. The everyday influencer is able to share what they want, when they want, and that is powerful.


Credibility. Credibility can often surpass reach, and those with small reach but high credibility in a subject are formally called 'micro-influencers'. Everyday influencers are often curious subject matter experts and highly knowledgeable about not just specific subjects, but also their community (their followers). They know what their followers respond to and this can often drive their message.


One way you can find your 'everyday influencer' is by focusing on activating your regular customers or consumers. Leverage the fact that they are likely well-connected in their network. And since they aren’t you, a faceless brand, their connections are more likely to pay attention in a much more organic way.


It's important to also acknowledge the potential risk that comes with utilizing this "new" form of advertising, including compliance concerns due to limited involvement in content creation, inflated expectations due to paid followers, and government regulations around required disclosures for sponsored ads.


What are your thoughts on influencer marketing, specifically the 'everyday influencer'?


Who are the everyday influencers in your industry?






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*anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads a day;

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