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This morning, I came across an article on, Today's Top Talent Will Only Work for a Company That Stands for Something. I'd originally shared the article with my Twitter network, but after the 3rd (or maybe 4th?) re-read, I felt motivated to share it here and include some additional thoughts. A few hours later, and a new blog entry was born.

Fact: I am an (older) millennial, and for several years in my early career I worked really hard to hide that fact. The stigma was, and still is very real. Now, however - and perhaps it’s just that I'm older & more confident - but now, I embrace being a millennial.

After having spent a little over a decade in the workforce, several years working overseas, and several years working with 2 Fortune 100s and 3 of the worlds biggest brands (who, I have to include, just really know how to do some of the important things right), I've formed my own opinions. And it just so happens the author of the article I read today, Yuri Kruman, articulated those opinions perfectly in his 600 word snippet.

Kruman does a great job of highlighting the necessary steps to attract and retain both millennials and Gen Zs, and to “make them brand ambassadors and leaders” for their company. (The value behind brand ambassadors is important enough for its own blog entry in the future).

Key takeaways:

• EX, employee experience, is just as important as CX, customer experience.

• A mission-centered culture is a must.

• Internal mobility & opportunity creation is important to us (we're hungry), as is the ability to work on “side projects” that interest us (we're curious). #truth

• Provide all (not just Gen Y or Gen Z) employees with career or leadership coaching of some sort.

• And last but certainly not least, hire people with different views than the majority. This is contradictory to the old saying, “He/She would fit right in with the team!” And I think I like it.

In conclusion

​Strategic organizational transformation (is not a waste of time and money) = brand relevance, better performance, a win for all.

Do you agree?



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