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BigRep Unveils Two Industrial 3D Printers With Proprietary MXT Extrusion Technology and EOS Continues to Drive Industrialization of AM

formnext 2018 - day one 

Alison Wyrick Mendoza

BigRep Product Reveal


And so the week begins! Just a little over halfway through the first day of the show and I've already checked off several items from my "must-see" list.


I attended the BigRep product reveal today at formnext. Powered by BigRep MXT and control systems developed in partnership with Bosch Rexroth, the PRO and EDGE offer bigger, faster, and more precise prints. 


The PRO and EDGE offer print speeds that are five times faster, 

provide more control, and offer access to new materials for large-scale, industrial 3d parts.

Printing speeds of >600 mm/s, when the PRO is used with its finest 0.6 mm nozzle, make it five times faster than any FFF printer on the market. The EDGE surpasses that with speeds of 1,000 mm/s with the finest 0.6 mm nozzle in place.

The new printers are embedded with BigRep MXT, an exclusive Metering Extruder Technology, and equipped with a state-of-the-art Bosch Rexroth motion control system – delivering unprecedented speed, precision and quality and IoT connectivity that fully integrates with Industry 4.0.


BigRep PRO

  • Large-scale industrial parts.

  • One cubic meter build volume.

  • Temp controlled spool chamber which allows for continuous printing with high-performance materials.

  • Build chamber is insulated for optimal and even temperature control, with glass windows that allows easy viewing of active build.

  • Heated print bed mounted with a foil that allows for better adhesion.

  • Integrated inductive sensors allow for semi-automatic leveling.



  • High-end, high performance material in large scale format.

  • End-use parts, functional prototypes, and composite tooling.

  • 1500mm x 800mm x 600mm build volume

  • Heated & controlled build chamber for high-temp environments up to 200c in chamber and 220c on bed.

  • the EDGE has a new, modern design as well, with automatic doors and an easy-to-use interface to control all print settings. It's a beautiful machine.

BigRep MXT®

​BigRep MXT® establishes a clear separation between filament feeding and melting and molten extrusion, which allows for full control over the amount and speed of material extruded at any given time. 


Why do I think this is pioneering and worth a mention? 


In brief, because of BigRep’s partnership with Etihad Airways Engineering. Together, the two are working towards developing processes and standards for the production of aircraft interiors. Etihad Airways Engineering is also actively working with Strata Manufacturing and Siemens to produce cabin parts. 


With these two new printers from BigRep, the opportunity for expansion in aircraft interiors grows significantly. New materials means capability to produce a new variety of parts, connected printers means better quality control and an ease in certification, and faster printing means a better business case, something very important in budding AM industries like MRO.


And as many of you know, I look forward to watching this space continue to evolve and mature.

Learn more about the BigRep PRO, EDGE and the MXT technology by visiting BigRep's website here. 

EOS Drives Industrialization of AM

I also stopped by the EOS booth in hall 3.1. They had several key announcements last week that I wanted to check out.

I saw the EOS M 300-4 system for the first time at IMTS. The interaction of its software and hardware solutions create what they're calling a "production cell" for metal industrial 3D printing. The combination integrates all the essential steps to the flow of both parts and data throughout every step in production with AM. This includes the design, the build, and QA. This meets the strict requirements for AM serial production and makes EOS capable of supplying companies with a complete range of solutions from one single source. 

Their software solution can be connected to existing MES/ERP applications through EOSCONNECT, and digital marketplaces & IoT platforms are supported as well. All the machine and production data obtained can be used in real time and form the basis of a true digital factory.

As well, EOS is introducing Technology Readiness Level (TRL) tools in both the field of metals and polymers, which will provide additional clarity on the maturity of materials and processes. EOS is providing information that will enable companies to compare industrial 3D printing with traditional manufacturing technologies and other 3D printing technologies. By providing valid parameters for part properties, EOS is both facilitating and accelerating the transition from prototyping to serial additive manufacturing. 

Why do I think this is pioneering and worth a mention? 

There's a lot of talk this year about industrialization (and collaboration), and it's refreshing and inspiring to see an industry leader like EOS taking steps to help both support the industry and propel the industry forward. Specifically, I like the clear and concise message a TRL tool provides. They enable consistent, uniform discussions of technical maturity across different types of technology. With this, EOS continues to accelerate the transition to additive mass production. 



November 12, 2018

day one: BigRep unveils two industrial 3D printers With MXT Extrusion Technology

Powered by BigRep MXT and control systems developed in partnership with Bosch Rexroth, the PRO and EDGE offer bigger, faster, and more precise prints.

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